Dear Tire Guy | December 2020

Dear Tire Guy | On-Site Mobile Tire Store in Denver, CO

So, I've decided that I'm way too preachy. I know, I know.

With the Tire Guy, it's always "pRopERly inFLAte youR TirEs" and "maKE suRe YOur TIreS aRE SAfe." Who am I, your mom? No. That would be weird. In light of me *not* being your mom, I've decided this month to share a handful of tire fun facts instead! So here you go, have fun:


The world's largest tire manufacturer is LEGO. Yes, the very same LEGO behind the colorful bricks we all know and love took the record in 2011 for being the world's largest tire manufacturer. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, they produced a whopping 318 million (really little) tires that year. Their closest competitor was Bridgestone at 190 million


This is probably my favorite on the list. In the early 1960's, Goodyear decided to develop an illuminated tire. They were made of the material Neothane, which was easier and faster to mold and produce than traditional rubber. As an added bonus this same material was also translucent. Different dyes could be added to the rubber; blue, orange, green, red. They were then mounted on wheels lined with tiny lightbulbs and would produce a brilliant glow at night in your desired color. Seriously, you need to Google these.


The world's single largest tire is located in Allen Park, Michigan. It is an absolutely monstrous Uniroyal that weighs 12 tons at 80 feet tall. It had originally served as a ferris wheel (and a big fat advertisement) at the New York World Fair in 1964-1965. It has undergone several renovations and moves, and even a second world record involving the world's largest nail, and stands beside I-94, near the Detroit Metro Airport to this day.


Are you not entertained? Of course you are! Is this not why you are here? Thank you again Porsche guys and gals for supporting Dear Tire Guy for another year. I and all the other Tire Guys at On-Site Tires truly appreciate our opportunity to have a place in the PCA family. 2021 is nearly here but as always, stay healthy, stay safe, and until next year drive on!

Until next month, Drive On!

~The Tire Guy


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