Dear Tire Guy | September 2020

Dear Tire Guy | On-Site Mobile Tire Store in Denver, CO

Dear Porsche friends it's that time yet again for another shameless plug:

Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife Tara (who doesn't know I snuck this line in here)!

For real though, here comes another even more shameless plug for a newly released tire that I love: The all-new Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4. This is the super-car certified all-season tire that's built to last and perform in all seasons. I recently ordered these for my VW and fell in love with them. What makes it so great, you ask?





The new Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 stands out from the crowd to deliver superior all-season performance in a super-car certified package. Want to elevate your all-season potential? Want a responsive, yet buttery-smooth ride? Ask the Tire Guys at On-Site Tires about availability today! 855-667-4835.


Stay healthy, stay safe and until next month, Drive On!

~The Tire Guy


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